Can Rival Gaming Sustain Its Lead in Innovations

Software plays a very important role in online gaming environment. In fact software is the one responsible in bringing to the online gamblers the glamor and the glitz of e-gaming experience. E-gaming manufacturers are bent on duplicating the excitements, the delights and the thrills, as well as the pleasures of actual casino play with the sole purpose of luring land based casino gamblers to switch to online experience. One such online software manufacturer is Rival Gaming.

In the e-gaming software development business, for a newbie to seize a significant share in the market dominated by established participants is a rarity, yet Rival Gaming has done just that, cornering a considerable number of casino operators, and nurturing them all along on their growth. Ever since its launch in 2006 – a relatively new date in a fast-moving industry – Rival Gaming set on to offer unique brands overlooked by the established competitors, brands that target young entrants to online gambling.

Rival’s platform is widely known in the industry for its excellence in delivering both output and customer service products, the most notable features of which are; current bonus offer claims, live chat, transaction history statements, attractive welcome bonus, and play for real money or free. And there’s more, its huge range of online casino games – Roulette, Keno, Blackjack, Sudoku, Video Poker, and Craps – which are all available in graphically dynamic interfaces and extraordinarily sophisticated real time features, are powered by 128-bit encryption, ensuring extra security in cross boarder data transfer.

But Rival’s real strength – the one that attracts attention around the internet – is its innovative multi-reel, multi-line slot machines known as the ‘i-Slots’. While the traditional slots contend only with graphically enhanced colors, i-Slots offers more – an interactive mini games and short video clips embedded into the gaming system. This means that the players are not only given the chance to bet, play, and win, but to be entertained as well with its interactive and engaging storyline that comes in the best animated flicks. Rival Gaming is wholly owned by Black Chip Ltd. based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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