Grants Available For Women Business Owners

Starting a business can cost a lot of money so applying and then getting a grant can be well worth it. It can be a challenge though to find the right one for you. There are many different grants for women in business. Grants can be found in whatever field of industry you work in. You can find them for businesses, education, research and development, and more. Some private and federal organizations provide grants to women in business when you submit a business plan that will help everyone around you.

There are grants for new businesses and for existing businesses. For the new businesses, private and federal organizations may offer grants of $100 to $4,000. The government has 26 grant agencies that provide these funds to women in the business world. A lot of the time they look for service oriented and network marketing companies.

As for grants for existing businesses, these grants can be up to $5,000. These grants can be used for purchasing equipment, making a new product, for market expansion, and more. There are many categories to think about and you should apply for each one that you think can help you with your business ventures. There are free sites that can help you find the public and private organizations that are offering these grants.

Here are some of the sites that you might want to take a look at. There is . This site is for pioneering and existing businesses. You can check out their site for information on how to apply. Another site you might look into is the . They have free services. All you need to do is become a member of their organization. You will then be able to find the right grant for you. Small business organization is another site to look up. They offer free advise, counseling, and grants for women who would like to expand or develop their business.

They have counselors to help you with any obstacles that you may come by in your business. The women’s funding network is another organization that is trying to help build funds for women who are working. They try to network private women, network donors, and institutions to help bring in funds for women in the business world. The financial women international site provides peer networking, mentoring, information database and sharing, business opportunities, and other programs. One more site that you can go to is called count me in. This organization fund raises for women and offers grants and loans to not only women who own businesses but to those who want to go to college as well.

The government in the United States is trying their best to help existing and new women entrepreneurs. There are over 6 million women as of today who own business. This number is expected to grow in the years to come. So if you are a woman and a new or existing business owner you might want to look to see if you can get any funds to help your business flourish.

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