How to Earn Poker Rakeback

Internet poker rooms take a portion of each and every player’s hand on every tournament held. This amount is called the rake. The rake is the websites way of generating profit from the games, and also to keep itself running. Think of the rake as a commission. This is the commission that casino websites cut from your account. A rakeback, however, is a way to retrieve a part of the rake that you paid; which, in turn, earns you more profit. Continue reading to learn more about raking your money back, how to take advantage of it through the use of third party websites.

In order to fully understand how the rake works, consider the following example. In poker room “A,” every player’s hand in a tournament is charged with a 5 percent rake. Depending on the number of hands, players and tournaments, the rake could add up quite quickly and heftily. If you could see the actual amount of the rake, you would most definitely lose your head into how much money these online casinos are making out of your hands. In this case, wouldn’t it be a relief to find out that you can very easily snatch back the rake to your pockets!

The best poker rakeback website will offer to help you get a second level percentage from the rake you contributed to a poker room. Let’s look at our first example where the site took 5 percent from your hand. If that hand was worth $100.00, you paid $5.00 to the rake pot. The third party rakeback website will try to extract 30 or so percent of your money from the pot, and return it to you. The good thing is that you do not need to worry about how this is done. All you have to do is find a good third party website and start raking your money back.

Rakeback versus Bonus Codes
A lot of poker players are conflicted as to which of the two beats the other as a form of making profit on internet poker. But in reality, there is no competition between the two. If the best Pkr bonus code will give you a stocky free money at one time (when you register), a rakeback is good for long time. For as long as you play on a site, you have the chance of raking a part of the cash back.
To fully profit from poker, use both rakebacks and bonus codes wisely like most successful poker players do.

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