Variety of Poker Chip Sets is Greater Than Ever

If you find yourself in the market for a set of poker chips and you are not already pretty sure what kind of chips you want and how many, then let me wish you good luck. The myriad of poker chip sets available in today’s market is simply overwhelming. Here are options that I can think of quickly: number of poker chips, composition of the chip, and with or without denominations. Once again these are just a quick few to mention and each of these can have many facets to discuss within the particular option. Let’s take them in the order mentioned above and expand a little.

The first option mentioned is the number of poker chips in your set. This can be as hard to determine as naming a child, unless you already have a consistent game setup and the same number of players show up every week. You will probably be adjusting the blend of chips for a while, until you get it just like you like. Then you and your players will decide to play a different game or a different style, like cash game vs. tournament. At this point you will almost start over on the fine tuning. The most common set is the 500 poker chip set, but you can find them as low as 100 or as high as 2000. The best thing is to start out with a middle of the road number and add on as needed. This will work best, since we have already decided that your game will evolve over time and have natural fluctuation in the number of players.

The grade of the poker chip is a big one. Most common home game chips that you have seen everywhere from specialty retailers, to Wal-Mart, and to off the wall gift and luggage stores are made from and ABS plastic or something like it. These chips typically have a metal disc in the center for weight and are very durable. These chips will play fine in any game, but personal taste may lead you away from this kind of chip. They sound like metal washers clinking together when splashing the pot of simply dropping a stack. Some people may prefer a more expensive ceramic or clay poker chip.

The price for these options will be easily 6 to 12 times higher, but the authenticity, feel, and casino quality is there. Another thing to be aware of with the cheaper chips is that they all come from China and in recent years it has been hard for importers to get consistent batches of these inexpensive chips. So even if you order from the same supplier here in the states, if it has been a while they may have a new batch. Unfortunately the quality varies greatly from China and on these low end designs where price is the selling point; the quality control seems to be almost gone. So if you run across a good design or a good batch, you should hurry and buy more if there is any chance you will need them.

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